Engineering Drawings and 3D Rendering Services

An Engineering Drawing is a technical representation in the form of art which involves all aspects and angles involved in defining the requirements for the Item. It is meant for understanding and implementation to the minute levels of its structure, as it involves the depiction and communication of all information required by the designer to the implementer and for further analysis in case of enhancement and processing of the product. In short it is a graphical language communicating ideas and information for various levels of understanding.

Engineering Drawing is meant to convey information in legally accepted manner. In cases of technology transfer Engineering Drawing stands as a crucial inclusion amongst the list of expected transferable documents detailing the product or process. In many instances when a product has to e-upgraded, the need for Engineering Drawing is a must for understanding the existing design and analyse the impact of the upgrade. Engineering Drawing may well be required for regularly updating during the evolution of the product or process.

Our Engineering Drawing specialization includes:

3D Modeling Services
  • Wire frame geometry creation
  • 3D parametric feature based modeling, Solid modeling
  • Freeform surface modeling
  • Assembly modeling
2D Drafting Services
  • Creating Concept Drawings
  • Drafting Manufacturing Drawings from entire assemblies and conversion from 3D formats to 2DCAD
  • Adding Geometric Dimensioning and tolerance information, associate notes, annotations and Bill of Material to an engineering drawing
CAD Conversion Services
  • Conversion of hardcopy drawings into electronic format of CAD drawings

Applications used are AutoCAD, Pro/E, CATIA, Revit Architecture SolidWorks and Unigraphics among others to provide a quality deliverable.