Patent Search and Analysis

Search and analysis provide an insight state of art technology in the domain of the potential invention. IntrustGlobal has a well-developed delivery model that allows to exchange

Prior Art Search

Prior Art Searches is a Service provided by IntrustGlobal, that helps one identify whether his/her innovation stands a chance of being patented or owned by the Individual/Company. Our Search report will provide insight as to whether an invention may be patentable and assist in understanding the significance of the invention. The search will cover many combinations of U.S. Patents, U.S. Pre grant publications, Foreign Patents, Foreign Publications and Non Patent Literature using multiple databases.

Clearance Search/Freedom to Operate Search/Infringement Search

Our Freedom to operate search results focuses on claims of Non-Expired patents. We analyze and conclude if the claims would prevent a certain invention from manufacturing, developing, operating or selling. If desired, we even carry out patent claim construction projects that help in gaining better understanding about the scope of patents that are relevant to a product/process’ freedom to operate.


Our validity search is based upon an effective filing date and can determine if specific claims of a patent are valid or not. This is an extremely comprehensive search covering, U.S. Patents, U.S. Published Applications, Foreign Patents, International Publications, and Non-Patent Literature. Our search report will assist you in understanding the importance of a patent as well as a possible licensing opportunity.


A state-of-the-art search is often executed in order to determine existing solutions and potential competitors within a given technological field. This type of search is sometimes referred to as a “collection” search, and includes not only patent documents but also non patent literature.


A mining search is carried out in order to find and gather related patent assets owned by an entity — mining searches are usually performed for at least one selected technology area. This type of search is often executed on behalf of an entity which owns many patent assets and which may therefore not be fully aware of the scope of their portfolio. The patent assets uncovered in mining searches may then be rated, and these ratings can be leveraged to gather related assets for licensing or divestiture collections, and can also be used for maintenance decisions.

Invalidity Assessment & Analysis

Patent filing does not always accomplish its motive of the claimed invention being “Patented”. In most cases it usually undergoes a lot of changes, rephrasing and analysis of the scope of Patent involved. Invalidity Assessment & Analysis allows the Patent applicant to understand the reasons for the Patent application to be deemed invalid.

IntrustGlobal extends its service in understanding the various aspects of the Patent claim and the reasons for its rejection. With proper understanding of the scope and intent in the Patent application request we make appropriate amendments and recommendations for enhancing the Patent certification.

Infringement Analysis

After an Idea/Invention/Brand has been patented the general notion is that the Idea is protected from any kind of duplication, but the fact is Patenting is a certificate to your exclusivity and owning of the idea, it does not police on infringements automatically unless initiated by the Patent owner or his/her associates.

IntrustGlobal has conducted Infringement Analysis in various industries and has helped its clients identify possible intrusion into their process/products effectively by providing a comprehensive study over the nature and level of infringement. We also conduct Infringement Analysis for companies associated with their line of product or services so as to determine if they have violated any patent rights. We understand the importance this service holds and process assignments related to these services with a holistic approach as it is a crucial step towards innovation hunting.